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Tradition Fueled by Innovation

Tom and Danika of Warnyca Land and Cattle merge traditional beef and functional market cattle. Thankful, respectful, responsible and practical. These simple yet powerful words kept coming to mind as I spoke with Tom and Danika Warnyca of Warnyca Land and Cattle. These ideas hold a magnified meaning for Tom and Danika, based at Montmartre, Saskatchewan, and after my conversation with them, it was easy to see why. Our discussion reflected their respect for the past and an acceptance of the responsibility to use your abilities in the most practical way possible, especially as they pertain to agriculture.

The operation that Tom’s parents started in the 1950s, WTK Polled Herefords, is now home to a herd of 200 purebred and crossbred Hereford, Angus and Black Galloway cows, interspersed with a smattering of Speckle Park cattle. Pastures, trees and wetlands run alongside a rotation of oats, pulse crops and oilseeds. Of course, none of this happened overnight but rather through a gradual process of introspection.


Western Producer
The Western Producer

Hug-a-farmer campaign defends beef sector

During the week of Canadian Western Agribition, a green and white banner caught the eye of many that passed. It announced: Eat beef. Hug a farmer. Save the planet. Repeat.

The concept comes from Tom and Danika Warnyca of Montmartre, Sask., who were inspired to praise their industry as they listened to activists criticize the cattle business for doing environmental harm and mistreating animals.

A nutritionist who fell in love with a cowboy, Danika said she took the time to learn about the beef industry and is becoming one of its defenders.