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About Warnyca

Warnyca Land & Cattle

WLC was established in 1955 with the start of a Purebred Hereford Seed Stock Farm. For the next 50 years the Warnyca family distinguished themselves as National and International Breeders of Champions, providing superior genetics to all parts of the globe.

In 2010 we introduced Black Galloway into the breeding program, keeping our herd within the perimeters of beef cattle that have been selected for centuries for their exceptional quality of meat. Our cattle are naturally, ethically and responsibly raised. The herd is grazed on Native and tame Prairie Pastures, utilizing solar powered cell grazing techniques we are insuring the fertility and health of our soil.

WLC 100% Traditional Beef is finished on a Gluten-Free, non-GMO ration all grown and fed on our farm. This insures the integrity of our beef, unlike the commercial production units, and can only happen, because of our unique WLC genetic British Blend. The result is a superior flavoured, well marbled and perfectly textured beef. Aged to perfection and harvested in a family owned, government inspected facility. 

From Our Pasture to your Plate,

Tom and Danika